The Hip Hinge

Categories: Golf Fitness

This next exercise will help develop another movement imperative to a solid golf swing and optimal movement patterns throughout daily life.  The HIP HINGE refers to a motion in which the angle between the abdomen/chest and the legs is decreased.  Resulting in one’s bottom to glide backward and chest to move forward.  This is seen throughout everyday life when people go to sit down, squat, or (properly) pick something up off the ground.  It is also seen in the GOLF SWING!

Mastering this movement will aid in your ability to maintain a solid, neutral spring in the low back while freeing your hips and upper back to achieve all of the rotation required in the golf swing.  Watch the video below for techniques for achieving your hip hinge and carry over into your golf game.

Learn more about the hip hinge and its benefits for golf and visit this article written by a fellow Titleist Performance Institue (TPI) Instructor.  Related Article Link.

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